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From Failures to NCLEX Victory

Get the Tools to Pass the Next Gen NCLEX-RN

"After three years of struggling to pass the NCLEX-RN, taking the NCLEX remedial course at Atlantis Educational Center was the best experience I had. My teacher's guidance and expertise helped me achieve the impossible – passing the NCLEX. I highly recommend Atlantis Educational Center to any nursing graduate who's facing challenges with the NCLEX. Thanks to them, I am now a registered nurse and forever grateful for their support." - Viliana I, RN

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Maximize Your NCLEX Success with Our Comprehensive Course

Join our board-approved, self-paced NCLEX-RN Remedial Prep course designed specifically for nursing graduates preparing for their NCLEX-RN. Our course offers 80 hours of online lectures and 96 hours of clinical. You'll complete half your clinical skills training online and the rest over four days at a local healthcare facility.

Start your journey towards becoming a registered nurse with us today.

Course Features 

  • Obtain your approval letter for retaking the NCLEX-RN
  • Engage with real-life NCLEX-style questions and case studies
  • Immerse yourself in a universe of interactive lecture videos exploring essential nursing topics
  • Benefit from 12 live, instructor-led lectures divulging effective test-taking strategies
  • Complete 50% clinical online and the rest in your community

Course Benefits

  • Flexible access to lecture videos for three months on your own time
  • Acquire practical skills through online simulations and live clinical practice
  • Receive one-on-one instruction from NCLEX tutor during live lectures
  • Build a solid foundation of knowledge, refine your critical thinking skills, and bolster your confidence to pass the NCLEX
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Join Our Supportive Community of Next Gen NCLEX Nursing Graduates - Enroll Now and Network, Find Study Tips, and Get Support on Your Journey.

Enhance Your Test-Taking Strategies

Enhance Your Test-Taking Strategies with Atlantis Educational Center and Pass the NCLEX with Ease. Our Comprehensive Prep Course Equips You with Essential Knowledge and Skills to Overcome the Exam.

Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills with Atlantis Educational Center's NCLEX Course. Unlock Your Potential, Build Confidence, and Achieve Your Career Goals with Our Expert Guidance.

Pass The NCLEX With Confidence

Pass the Next Generation NCLEX with Confidence - Enroll in Our Comprehensive Prep Course and Gain the Critical Thinking, Test-Taking Strategies, and Confidence Needed to Reach Your Full Potential.

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